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Top Reasons why Nannies Quit

  • Time Abuse: When nannies are hired they are normally hired for say 10 hours a day. One of the top reasons given us for nannies leaving is that the parents regularly stroll in anything from 30 -60 minutes late without excuse or payment of overtime.
  • Job Creep: This is where the nanny’s job now bears no resemblance to the original job she was hired to do. This happens when extra duties are piled on steadily until she’s doing twice the original work she signed on for. It can mean now cooking for the whole family and not just for the kids. It can mean laundry for the whole family not just kids’ laundry and so on.
  • Pay: While the salary was agreed between both sides at the outset there are often different expectations on things like overtime, raises and bonuses unless there’s a formal agreement. This happens when a 2nd or 3rd child comes along also. Unfortunately, in this field there are no set salaries – although it seems that $15-$20 per hour DOE take-home is now common in NYC.  Bonuses are a whole subject in itself – like Wall Street, there is generally a lot of turnover of nannies in January.
  • Other monies: This can happen when a nanny ends up dipping into her own pocket regularly to pay for snacks and other errands she’s asked to run and is not readily reimbursed. This comes up often as a reason for a nanny leaving.
  • Lack of respect: This is where the nanny just feels treated badly by either or both of the parents. She feels her suggestions are ignored and that she’s looked down upon. This can also manifest itself where the parents contradict her in a disciplinary issue with the kids where she’s right.
  • Mother at Home: In some cases, mothers at home can tend to micro-manage and this creates an extremely difficult working environment. I equate it to having your boss work with you in the same office/cubicle. It drives some nannies nuts if they’re not used to it.
  • Lack of recognition: Considering the enormous responsibility nannies have, it is very important for parents to acknowledge their contribution by thoughtful praise and token gifts – when they see their peers getting this and not them, it makes them feel unappreciated.
  • Family Tensions: It goes without saying that if there is domestic tension between spouses and an overall lack of harmony for whatever reason then nannies are inclined to want out of there, fast. While some nannies want to stay to help the kids cope, sometimes the home environment becomes too toxic to stay.